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Appreciating Dr. Asad Safdar
« on: October 26, 2009, 12:43:05 PM »
I want to appreciate Dr. Asad Safdar for volunteering his knowledge and brilliance to help the less privileged.  Dr. Asad has devoted his life to serve humanity by providing quality alternative medicine. His choice of specialty is already a sign of kindness because by using natural remedies, like Homeopaty, Dr. Asad heals without poisoning. In addition to providing a great service to our community, Dr. Asad volunteers some of his time to serve patients who can not afford his fees.  This is particularly challenging in the present economy and in a field that is not usually covered by insurance.   On behalf of all those you are helping live happy and healthy lives, and specially on behalf of the young children who's little bodies would otherwise would be loaded with drugs, I thank Dr. Asad.  May you and your family  always be blessed with joy, peace, perfect health and prosperity.
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