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Welcome to Daily Appreciations
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Written by The Daily Appreciations Team   

Smile Welcome to Daily Appreciations!  Smile    

     We invite you to join us in bridging cultural divides through gifts of daily appreciations! We are grateful to our volunteers, contributors, mentors and co-sponsors who make it possible to continue to provide this free creative space for you to share who or what you appreciate with the world community! This website magnifies the impact of your gifts of appreciation because your words can be viewed in China and  around the world!  Readers will benefit from your positive thoughts, which counterbalance negative energy. This is a Friendship Archway practice for our health and to stay in touch with our friends and allies. Thank you very much for joining us here!  It is free to register and to participate! 

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    This project helps to build  A Beautiful Community of allies and friends of diverse backgrounds, sharing joy, friendship and prosperity as a model for personal, economic, spiritual  and community development to undo fear, guilt, ignorance, poverty and suffering with Infinite Love through the practice of Daily Appreciations and Friendship Archway programs.

We see self-empowerment (or anti-poverty) as a three-part process:

  1. Inner awareness and appreciation leading to healthier self-acceptance, self-love and a sense of joy, peace of mind and enlightenment. This includes shifting one's focus to appreciation and forgiveness, undoing misperceptions and developing important personal qualities for enduring success.
  2. Outer or interpersonal relationship development by expressing one's appreciation daily, being truly helpful as a friend and ally thus creating "a  beautiful community" from "spiritually beautiful people."
  3. Financial success and prosperity programs providing security and enhanced ability to not only take care of oneself, one's immediate family and friends, but also to support, assist and contribute to others and to world peace, prosperity and progress.

   Success is seen not only in financial terms alone but in the ultimate goal of combining inner development (joy) with harmonious outer relationship (friendship) in community-building so that all achieve economic success (prosperity). These three are all inter-related and inter-linked (joy, friendship and prosperity) in Friendship Archway programs and models to bridge cultural divides and achieve the highest human, economic, spiritual and community potential locally and globally.

We are advancing and contributing by doing DAILY APPRECIATIONS and posting DAILY APPRECIATIONS here and elsewhere in appreciation spaces we co-sponsor. You can keep track of your appreciations here and you can email a copy of your appreciations to many others directly from this site. We are your friends and allies for joy and mutual advancement.

 Smile  To begin Click FORUM/LOGIN at the top of the left column of this page. 

Smile   If you have not registered yet, click REGISTER (near bottom of left column).

Smile   If you have difficulty, click HOW TO REGISTER.

Smile   Newcomers may email a dozen appreciations initially to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it    to demonstrate their understanding and willingness to appreciate and not deprecate or go off-topic in this website. Newcomers may view other appreciations  already posted by members to understand what we mean by appreciations.

Smile  You are welcome to join, participate and post in these spaces free of charge provided that you respect the guidelines to stay within the topic of appreciation. We depend on your cooperation to maintain this website as a pure, inspirational and happy community creative space for appreciations only. We also depend on your gifts of Spirit and donations to maintain and grow this project!  

Smile   Let's surprise our friends with spontaneous gifts of appreciation!  It is fun and healing to return the positive energy we have received in the past. This will complete the circle and help provide the preconditions for a better future. Any questions, email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Smile   You may also find Messages of Appreciation and Announcements of community events we co-sponsor at:


 Smile  Also see  and


Smile   You may also follow some of us on  Twitter 
Smile  For more info (with no registrations required) see:   

Selection from materials copyrighted 2003-7 by Award International Inc., Wash. D.C. Updated by the Daily Appreciations Team. Enjoy!

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