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Appreciate Wework
« on: November 25, 2018, 07:13:37 AM »
I appreciate Wework, since when I was back in United States, I went to Wework for profession acitivities. I appreciate right now, Wework was all over the world including Shanghai, I appreciate how Wework support entrepreneurs and give them best environment to communicate , exchange ideas, mentor supports.Entrepreneurs are group of people with vision and mutiple skills, but they are insecure for some reasons because a lot of challenges happeneveryday. They are the ones that deserve the best attention. I appreciate Wework for its creative building setting, and the education, incentives, productivities it provide to entrepreneurs group. As the third sharing economy unicorn, Wework is more mature than Uber or Airbnb, for its overseas expansion. I appreciate all that Wework benefits this special group.
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