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Welcome Notes: difference between da at gmail and this website
« on: November 30, 2015, 07:11:53 AM »
Welcome to, which is this website and A Beautiful Community (ABC) online.
We want to point out a few differences between the appreciations you have been sending to or other gmail email accounts for your reference.

l. We have three main sections on this website. The welcome section, the river section and appreciating specific individuals, groups or companies.

2. The WELCOME section was intended for the project management allies to share comments on how to use this website etc.

3. The RIVER of appreciation section was intended to provide the space for you to post whatever appreciation or thought of gratitude that come to your mind one after another, without first thinking about what or who you wanted to appreciate first. So you can just sit down and keep posting one after another in the Third River of appreciation. (When one river became too long, then another river was started, so we are on our third River.)

4. Appreciation for SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS or groups: The Individual or group section is where you ADD your gift of appreciation to the existing list of appreciations ("thread") about the individual or group. This is intended to be ONLY about the topic which is the specific individual or group of the topic.
For example, in this section called Appreciating Individuals, you first select the name of the individual (example David) you wish to appreciate, then click REPLY (to add to his thread or list), then you post your appreciation message related to that individual topic (appreciating david). This section has an additional feature where you can send a copy of your appreciation to that individual, near the upper section you will see a tab called "SEND THIS TOPIC" after you finished writing your appreciation, then press that tab, you can fill in the name, email address address of the person you wish to send a copy of your appreciation to, and it will send a copy of your appreciation with the entire thread or list of appreciations on that topic (example, Appreciating David will be a list of appreciations related to David). Therefore please ONLY post appreciations related to David on his thread. When you wish to send a gift of appreciation to another individual or group or program or company, select the TOPIC (their name) in this section, then click REPLY to add to that thread. So Appreciating Individuals section, you first think of WHO you wish to appreciate, then click REPLY tab to write an appreciation about the person. There is also a section to appreciate companies, donors and others.

5. You will notice, there is a number under your name on the right column. The number tracks the number of gifts of appreciation or positive energy you have contributed to the world through this website. Therefore, it is better to put each thought or topic or appreciation as a separate few lines and NOT post everything in one appreciation to keep the appreciations short to a couple or few sentences. Start another post for another thought of appreciation. Each post is counted as one appreciation. For example, if you wish to appreciate David for being thoughtful, that is one thought or appreciation. Then you can start another post, if you wish to appreciate that he came to the 3rd Sunday community event on Dec. 20, 2015 and helped out, that could be a separate post of appreciation. This will keep your appreciations short and the number of gifts you gave will increase under your name.

6. Any other questions you have related to how to participate here, feel free to send to and We like this way to keep in touch with our friends locally and globally. The bottom line is you are appreciated by your friends and allies for your generous and beautiful gifts of appreciation here, on Linkedin and elsewhere. You are making a difference when you consistently post here, you are developing a good success habit, you are building friendship and goodwill, you are practicing English, you are building evidence of your good attitude and you are impacting the world by counterbalancing negative energy through your gifts of appreciation here. Thank you again for your ongoing participation and gifts of appreciation! We appreciate YOU! :)
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