Title: Appreciating AsiaRoom.com
Post by: Shishi on February 26, 2018, 09:16:52 AM
I appreciate AsiaRoom.com, AsiaRoom is a great creation that connects world wide travelers to southeast Asia households and hotels. AsiaRoom team has been working so diligently and paying attention to every detail to ensure the best service delivery for almost two and half years! I appreciate the effort, the closer opportunity to angel investments and continued improvement of product development and innovations. I hope our two and half years intensive product development and marketing preparations will pay off very soon!
Title: Re: Appreciating AsiaRoom.com
Post by: Shishi on March 01, 2018, 10:07:46 AM
I appreciate AsiaRoom for its great blogs that attract  thousands of followers in facebooks and continued growth of instagram likes. I appreciate our expertise on blog creations and how they mentioned every corner of Asia - South East Asia sightseeings. It gives lively guide for people living in the other-side of the world, when overseas adventures may seem more exciting and uplifting! Not to count national holidays, Christmas days and thanksgiving long holidays, traveling around America or Europe is not only option,  to Asia could be more so called "  opposite that attracts' !  Traveling is always an adventure and uncertain only if you encounter a nice local household that serves a host and a tour guide at the same time! 
Title: Re: Appreciating AsiaRoom.com
Post by: Shishi on March 02, 2018, 10:37:27 PM
I appreciate AsiaRoom.com. I appreciate all the team members that worked so consistently in every function of the team-  web developers, sales and supports, analytics, app developers and so on.  Special thanks to the early members- all with multicultural background- Hai Banh  lives in Maryland and Vietnamese- a nice and capable developer and founder; Shauna Pugh - An American live in Thailand for decades; an travel industry expert and a humble gentleman; ShishiZhang- study abroad in US, lived in Illinois, Maryland, DC, Bostons, etc in a row for 7 and half years and back to  China , working in Shanghai, with background in Economics and Marketing, analytics specializations. Prabhat Chandra, an India lead developer and programmer, who are stable and calm all the time and others newly joined team members, such as Bengji who previously worked for hotel.com and two other girls in Philippine, plus a Ukraine beauty. We plan to include all other team members in  Japan, Israel, Singapore, Australia and so on!
Title: Re: Appreciating AsiaRoom.com
Post by: Shishi on May 11, 2018, 10:53:24 PM
I appreciate AsiaRoom.com. I appreciate that  AsiaRoom.com has been running for almost 3 years, and still focus on achieving the security that suit the North Americans and other international traveller needs. In today's sharing economy, people are excited about how the sharing model benefit others: take full use of spare space, as well as treating this as second or extra income source, but people are also concerned about its securities, especially the credibilities of the host/ guest or properties, plus this happens to be the other side of the world and culture. I appreciate the opportunities the sharing economy creates to facilitate   everyone's life, and I also appreciate how the sharing economy emerged, developed, improved and  continued prospering in the future. This also helps to create the social cohesion and the trust between the strangers through internet technologies and business innovation.
Title: Re: Appreciating AsiaRoom.com
Post by: Shishi on May 26, 2018, 03:25:03 AM
I appreciate my previous involvement with AsiaRoom.com. I appreciate how we went through 0 to 1 on this internet venture development. I appreciate the time I explored all aspects of internet industry, the most promising and money-rich industry. Because of entering in internet industry in my late 26 years old, I received a lot of invitations from the world - largest IT companies. I appreciate  how we went through the idea to entrepreneurship- as a cross -border e-commerce. Mostly, I appreciate the effort and energy I put on the startup for 2 and half more years. I hope it will continue growing , prospering and attracting more Asia and worldwide internet young talents to take part in. 25-35 years-old  young people who are passionate in internet industries are especially welcomed. 
Title: Re: Appreciating AsiaRoom.com
Post by: Shishi on June 16, 2018, 05:36:39 AM
I appreciate AsiaRoom.com for its persistence of enduring  during the financial setbacks and continue providing the travel guild to SE Asia, waiting for one day to shine, and to be well-known and serve the specific travel segment for the best possible. For quantity will lead to quality, and persistence of running, persistence of believing, and persistence of searching for the clients and investors will one day pay it off.
Title: Re: Appreciating AsiaRoom.com
Post by: Shishi on January 17, 2020, 10:00:01 AM
I appreciate AsiaRoom.com. AsiaRoom is a beautiful creation. Even though I could not participate it till the end, I appreciate the years and days that I witnessed how AsiaRoom grows from a domain, to a website, to a internet startup, and to much more. I knew, AsiaRoom could have been better if it got  more support and more correct guidances, with being modest and awaken to see the gap between it and the top player in this industry. I appreciate this past experience has bring my a lot and unlock my potentials to attract many wonderful things and it is enough to open a new page of life with all the past experience  gained.