Author Topic: Newcomers - HOW TO START posting here - suggestions  (Read 4188 times)

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Newcomers - HOW TO START posting here - suggestions
« on: October 21, 2009, 04:41:06 AM »
Welcome to A Beautiful Community of appreciators!

How to start here:

l. register to post (contribute your comments)  go o  and look for a small word near the login near the left column of the home page which says REGISTER. Click that and insert the name you want to show up as the person who will be appreciated and the author of the posts you will write.
Then insert a password. You will receive a verification email for you to click to start. Remember to stay within the parameters of appreciation and positive energy.

2. at the left column of the home page, go down to FORUM section. Then you will see a blue page with many sections. You are free to read and when you are ready to post, we suggest you begin posting in the appreciation BLOG.  You click that section, then if you wish to add your post or message to an existing topic, click REPLY which looks like a tab near the right upper section.

When you want to appreciate someone who has not yet been appreciated, you can click NEW TOPIC to start an appreciation thread for that person. Then when others want to add to the same thread, they will click REPLY to add to the thread you started.

3. when you want to appreciate or thank a donor you go to the section for appreciating DONORS. Each section operates about the same way. You either click REPLY to add to an existing topic, or you start a new topic to appreciate or honor someone already listed.

If you have more questions, you may email or Thank you very much for your interest in contributing to the higher good of all!  :)


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Re: Newcomers - HOW TO START posting here - suggestions
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2017, 12:23:43 AM »
I think your idea is very good.