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;) Congratulations! Applause, Applause, Applause!  Cheers! Cheers! to

Brian Lewis, Jan Benet Vincent and everyone else for helping the Daily Appreciations project to pass the 100 pages mark at on the evening of Sept. 3, 2007.

Since January, 2007, the Daily Appreciations project was viewed 21,821 times by 149 members. Approximately 63 members posted 2,481 appreciations up to Sept. 3, 2007!

Here is what Brian Lewis said on the 100th appreciation posted:

By Brian Lewis (CCAL30) (2439), Mon, 03 Sep 2007 18:33:03 PDT

A consciousness of change and opportunity presents the world today its understanding of the importance of human relations. Even as these physical dimensions remain, these physical distances which earlier inhibited understanding and cooperation are rapidly shrinking as our new capabilities to communicate contracts time and enhances the formation of new connections; expressing itself in novel relations that were unthinkable a few short years ago. The recognition of our interrelatedness and the dependence that both creates and determines a future for society and ourselves is growing.

The sense of scarcity that earlier directed society’s economic and political engines is being replaced with the recognition of humanity’s unfathomed talents, capabilities and enthusiasm to create and expand its knowledge and understanding; creating a new society of abundance and hope. We can now begin to recognize the increase in value of new technologies and methods providing ways to instill charity, compassion, kindness, and more into every moment of our physical life and expand our physical and spiritual life to their fullest.

Can we strengthen and enhance these changes which are viewed affirmatively? Are there ways in which our positive reception and understanding can be further encouraged? Is there anything more powerful for the growth of society’s value than to provide ways to achieve full understanding and positive opinions toward such worthwhile efforts?

We believe in the significance and magnitude of bringing the weight of positive awareness to bear on the goals of societal improvement.
We believe that this can and should be done with expressions of our appreciation of our relationship to each other and to the events that form and shape our daily and full life. We believe that sharing our personal appreciations through the expression of our ideas in expressions of affirmative, encouraging, constructive, and even upbeat statements provide us with benefit and provides you, the reader, with the opportunity to share with us and with others.

Our confidence is sure that such confirmations offer an expression of worthy life events providing encouragement to ourselves, to each other, and perhaps, a platform or foundation from which a richer life can be reached. The infrastructure to expand our capabilities has been created with the enormous growth and extension of our ability to communicate and share that is known as the Internet. This wonderful tool and highway of growth has affected each of our lives in ways which are still being understood. Our understanding, our ability to share, our breathtaking expansion of the knowledge and importance of human relations and interdependence is rapidly shrinking the world in which we live into small communities whose potential and possibility then enlarges, broadens, extends, and swells the panorama and vistas of our life.

Please come and enjoy, share, and perhaps learn from the appreciations and expressions of life’s positive energies that we offer in this website. We encourage each of you to find ways to let us know of the people, events, and expressions of life that you appreciate. We believe, and believe you too believe, that by the appreciations which we post and present for all to read, that we increase the potential of life and that this increase will enhance, multiply and increase; thus offering ever more return and increase so that the ideas and limitations of a world of scarcity can be put away and replaced with the understanding of the abundance and plenitude of life.


(The Daily Appreciation Team appreciates all the wonderful thoughts and gifts of appreciation!)  :D ;D



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Wow, at last I am here.
Much appreciations to all of you.
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Wow At last am here.
Much Applications to all of you.

And a grand wellcome to you
Do not believe the hype.

trust your senses


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Thanks Brian for keeping on line.
It's great to have you as friends here. I appreciate the spirit you have over this project.
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